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“Uncomfortable is NOT exhaustion”

Going to try to remember to post about my workouts. It’s interesting to me, in any case. And maybe other CrossFitters.

Yesterday’s WOD was pretty cool.

I rolled in about 15 minutes before class and did a 500m row. Didn’t do push-ups, GHDs,  or anything else beforehand, because Tommy (one of the coaches) was going to run us through a warm-up and I didn’t want to be burned out before we even started.

We did all that stuff and the PVC mobility stuff together. Then we did Frankenstein walks, broad jumps, and inchworms (the devil! the devil!)– before beginning the WOD.

The WOD was fairly straightforward and somewhat deceptive. I have a tendency to relax when I see it isn’t a million rounds for time. But then I take another look at the workout and realize it’s still a real m*therf*cker.

20 HSPU (scaled) (I put an abmat on a box and get my knees right up near the edge and mimic a handstand push-up. It’s still pretty hard. I am terrified of getting up near that wall. Like I’ve mentioned before, I was never the kid who twirled cartwheels or liked gymnastics or had any skill at tumbling, unless by “tumbling” you mean tripping and falling over my own feet).
30 Pull-ups (assisted, red + skinny purple band)
40 KB Swings (35#)
50 Abmat Sit-ups
60 Burpees
**15 Air Squats between each movement!!**

I finished in 14:42. I am very fast and good at air squats (though if I’m not careful, I tend to “crash” into my squat, which can be kind of sloppy) and KB swings– I can make up a lot of time  with those for being lousy at pull-ups (even though they are assisted) and the slowness of the million burpees.

Thank goodness there were no regular push-ups or I would’ve been there all night.


Was going to go for a run this morning (it is very difficult for me to make CrossFit classes on Mondays and Fridays because I don’t like rushing to and from 6am classes if I don’t *have* to and they don’t offer a 6:30pm or later class on those days) but figured I’ve been active enough lately– I don’t need to wear myself out on a run for no reason.

Anyway, I want to be able to stay awake past 8pm tonight. Planning to see Twilight 5 tonight with a girl friend. Not because it’s a cinematic achievement, but because it’s Twilight and whatever. Girly stuff. It’s the cheesy sort of thing you watch and get kind of uncomfortably embarrassed about the dialogue/acting/subject matter, but go to and enjoy anyway.


Went to Target to scope out sales (can I get a sports bra on clearance for, like, $5?) and buy some dishwashing detergent. Almost bought a pair of size 6 dress pants on sale for $8.50 until I realized they were actually hideous and I can’t afford to buy a pair of pants just because they are a size 6 and on sale. There’s no need to panic. Hopefully I will fit into a size 6 for a long damn time.

Anyway, I left with dishwashing detergent and a dressy black t-shirt (practical use). Not terribly exciting.