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Paleo Challenge, Day #10

Got 3 new tires & front-wheel alignment– it’s feels like a whole new car!

(… except for all the dings, scrapes, giant crack on front bumper from a piece of truck tire that flew into my car on freeway, and– of course– the duct-taped-on mirror.)


Breakfast: 1/3 hot cocoa from gas station. Bad planning, no homemade snacks= starving Molly. FAIL.

Lunch: chicken shawarma salad from Bucharest Grill.

(after work) Snack: some macadamia nuts & turkey jerky.

Dinner: Omega 3 trail mix bag (Trader Joe’s), some more turkey jerky, a few pieces of grilled asparagus, 1 salmon pattie & a few fresh raspberries. Hello, random.


Exercise: 1 hour Moonlight Flow yoga class at Serendipity Yoga. Loved it! Slow & “easy”– but I really felt it all. Great instruction, too.