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Catching Up/Getting Farther Behind

Eh. Worst blogger ever. I never feel like blogging and by the time I do, there’s so much I have to write about– I put it off some more.

Lots of stuff happened.

Thanks to my late Uncle Larry, I was able to pay off my credit card debt– I’m still poor, but at least I’m free! That’s probably the biggest thing.

I’m going to miss that guy. There’s not a day that has gone by where I’m not thinking about him, missing him. I wish I could tell you more clearly what kind of shining light he was, but I can’t.

In other news, completely fell of the paleo wagon in probably my most flagrant style yet. I’m just… not on it.

Today is the first day in weeks where I’m really even contemplating getting back on.

The CrossFit Open started and the workouts have had their ups and downs. As I’ve only been CrossFitting since June, I’m still a n00b. I’m often frustrated by what I can’t do. Trying to overcome that frustration. Also gave up on the No Girly Push-Up challenge due to my uncle’s passing and general exhaustion. Still trying to figure out if I have an adrenal fatigue problem. I probably do.

I also have run two 5Ks, both PRs, in the last month. I did the Corktown 5K (saw Jennifer of Wine to Weightlifting fame) and the Run du Nain Rouge 5K. I ran the Corktown 5K in 28:40-something and I ran the Nain Rouge in 26:31! It was only in the last year that I’ve been able to run a sub-10 avg min/mile, so I’m super-impressed. I had just told one of my CF coaches that my next goal was to run a sub-9 min/mile and BLAMMO, there it is.

On Friday, March 22– I did the DEA’s Maltz Challenge at Ford Field. That was pretty cool as even though I work across the street from the stadium, I had never been inside. I did the 1/2 Maltz as I’ve been beating my body up pretty good.

Back to CrossFit tonight after a few days off. W00t!


Pre-Run du Nain Rouge 5K


Pre-Maltz Challenge at Ford Field with some of my CFT homies.


Pre-Corktown 5K with a creepy Keebler-Elf-looking guy.


Hot Taco Intervention

I fucking love tacos.

I eat the corn tortilla instead of flour, because in my head it seems a little better.

Hot Taco on Park downtown (Detroit) is my kryptonite.

Holy cow! All my charges from there over last 2 weeks cleared on same day and when I saw the damage? I realized I have a problem.

Thank you, Crossfit– thanks to you, I haven’t gained a pound (lost one, actually).


Going through the motions.

Eh. Last night’s CrossFit class was not my finest. You know, when you get there and before you even look at the schedule of events (the warm-up, the mobility stuff, the strength stuff, the WOD)– you know it’s not going to be your day.

Feel like every day I’m go-go-go from the time I wake up around 5-5:30am til I roll into the apartment (around 8-9pm lately), and zipping from one end of town to the other and back again. Even my commute to and from work is frustrating– 35-45 minutes no matter where I want to be. It shouldn’t be so tiring as nothing in my life is terribly difficult– just so little of my time seems to belong to ME. But I guess that’s just how it is when you’re a grown-up without a trust fund, you know? I definitely am not ready for offspring. I want to greedily hang on to my liberty for just awhile longer.

Things in the office have been kind of tiring, too. I am the first one in the office (unless my dad beats me there) and the last one to leave (unless my dad is putzing around)– and since someone just quit and I’ve taken on a large portion of her former responsibilities… it’s an adjustment. I’m busy from the time I walk in until the time I leave. It’s nice not to have time to be bored– but it’s also… tiring. It’s a long day of busy (not hard) work. And when I go to Los Angeles for a few days at the end of the month for the holiday– I’m going to have epic work load waiting for me when I return. I don’t know how I’ll catch up. So… also stressful.

Anyway, the workout. Last night. Long day. Not favorite.

Wednesdays are OLY days. Usually I like them, but like I said– last night I knew coming in that it was not going to be my night. My arms and shoulders were (are) smoked. My right wrist is tweaked (luckily am left-handed). Didn’t have my usual joie-de-vivre.

CFT Standard Warm-up & Mobility

5 X 1
3 Position Snatch @ 65% (low to high) (*I used 45# to start)
Rest 60 seconds

5 X 1
3 Position Clean + 1 Push Jerk @ 70% (low to high) (65#)
Rest 60 seconds

4 X 3
3 Stop Snatch Pulls (heavier than last week) (65#)
Rest 45 seconds

4 X 5
Hang Clean Hi-Pulls – heavy ! (65#)
(BB should rise to chest height – elbows above bar)
Rest 45 sec.

We did some kind of lunge press with the barbell (35#) 3×5.

WOD: (other choice was to row 4 x 500m)
4 X 400m
Rest 2:1
>25 burpee penalty for every set that deviates +/- 5 sec. from the fastest set.
My times were: 2:27, 2:21, 2:19, 2:15. I did 50 burpees afterward.

*I would have chosen to row, but since I rowed in a similar workout last week– I was compelled to run. I knew I’d have at least 25 burpees since I always come out of the gate slow as molasses.


Taking today off from workouts. Going to try my inept hand at baking paleo(ish) cookies with my friend, Meghan, tonight. Gods help us all that I don’t burn her apartment down.

Hoping for a better workout tomorrow (Friday). I will have to wake up 4:30am early again. And then it’s go-go-go!


Intense and focused, at least there’s that. I got the crazy faces down.


PS: Going to work on the aesthetics of my blog. It’s boring and my links section isn’t up-to-date and everything is wonky.

Mundane little things

I woke up at 4:30am yesterday (mainly so I could use my Aeropress to make my Bulletproof coffee and putz around online for a few minutes) to get to CFT for the 6am class. I don’t mind waking up at 4:30am, but the rushing thing (waiting for other gym patron to finish his shower, so I can take fastest shower on earth and pull skinny jeans over damp legs, spill shampoo all over my gym bag, etc.) SUCKS. I have to open the office between 8:15-8:20 am or the employees are waiting outside the door (not in the cold, we’re in an office building), looking very smug.

I really enjoyed working on my back and front squats. I think, in time, I will be very good at them. I like the 6am coach, he is very straightforward and full of encouragement. He doesn’t coddle, though. If I can do something without scaling, even if it takes forever– he is all for that. Like that day with the thrusters. I thought I was going to cry (I feel as though I might cry in pretty much every CrossFit workout) when it seemed like it was going to take me 10 minutes to do 10 thrusters. And there were 5 rounds of 10 thrusters! But it didn’t take me that long and I didn’t cry.

The class yesterday looked like this. If you’re not a CrossFitter, it will look like chicken scratch or like one of my ex-husband’s boring-ass logic puzzles.

CFT Standard Warm-up & Mobility

Part I~
Back Squat
-Every 30 seconds for 4:00 minutes – 1 rep @ 85% (9 total reps) (*I can’t remember, but I think I was doing 95#)
-Rest exactly 2 minutes
-Every minute on the minute for 4:00 minutes – 1 rep @ 90% (5 total reps) (I think I did 105#… math isn’t my strong suit)
Part II~
Front Squats
Find 1 rep max. (*I didn’t quite find it, but I was close at 115#)

2 min ME Row for Calories (32)
Rest 1 minute
4 min AMRAP~
15 Pushups (hand release) (*I must not have seen the “hand release” part of it, but I just did knee push-ups. My arms were smoked for some reason, even during the warm-up, I could barely do 1 regular push-up without collapsing)
10 T2B (*I scaled to knees-2-elbows, which is still bloody hard!)
Rest 1 minute
4 min AMRAP~
15 Jumping Squats w/ 35# BB
10 Pullups (*started with just the red band, but again– my arms were smoked. Had to bring in the skinny purple band to assist as well)
Rest 1 minute
2 min ME Row for Calories (31)
32-3+3K2E-2+6 jump squats-31

Notes: I am pretty decent at rowing, but I am pretty terrible and push-ups and pull-ups. I need lots of breaks and I have to scale them. I hate feeling so weak!

Over the spring, before CrossFit, I was doing a 100 push-up challenge– but I don’t think I was doing them correctly. CrossFit requires you to go chest-to-ground. I think I was making it too easy for myself then, because I am much, much (visibly) stronger now and have regressed to knee push-ups almost exclusively.

My biggest fitness goals currently are to get a regular pull-up and 10 regular push-ups consecutively. I really think I am close.

Generally am too tired to get much running in. Also, between work and CrossFit (and recovery days)– when am I supposed to do it? I am desperately fearful of getting sick (especially the pukey kind), so am trying to be smart and get lots of rest since there are lots of nasty bugs going around.

So far, so good. I am giving credit to my sort-of paleo diet and good gut flora (thanks, raw kraut!).


Coworker who had been glum for some time and sort of a negative nellie, quit via email on Monday. Not very cool, if you ask me. She worked with us for 10 years and broke up with us via email. Sometimes when you’re done, you’re done and she checked out a while ago, I think– but still. A few day’s notice would have been a classy and courteous thing to do. I don’t think I’m at liberty to say much more regarding my feelings on the matter, as it’s not professional, etc. As much as we all get on each other’s nerves, as coworkers, we spend most of our day with one another– for better and for worse. She came to my wedding. I would’ve appreciated a proper “goodbye.” As it is, I’m a little miffed. As my dad said, “We would have had a ‘goodbye party.’ I would have brought a cake.” Cake is a big deal at our office. Cake is The Big Thing That Happens. We love birthdays. OR any other excuse for cake.


I also worked out in the early AM yesterday so I could do a couple loads of laundry and pick up all of my clothes off of B’s floor. I wish I had been in the anal retentive place where I could see to it that all the clothes were facing the same way on the same type of hanger– but I wasn’t in that place and don’t see myself being in that place soon.

Still have to find time to wash the bed linens before B gets back Saturday. I don’t think he’ll care either way, but I do. It’s proper. Plans tomorrow night, Friday night, and Saturday morning. I feel like Little Miss Social Butterfly, which is hardly true. I hope I have time to get my nails done on Friday. I can’t do it before then because… money.



I love KB Swings. I’m pretty good at them, maybe.

I also really like air squats.

I also really like air squats.


Shit. My coffee is cold.

“Uncomfortable is NOT exhaustion”

Going to try to remember to post about my workouts. It’s interesting to me, in any case. And maybe other CrossFitters.

Yesterday’s WOD was pretty cool.

I rolled in about 15 minutes before class and did a 500m row. Didn’t do push-ups, GHDs,  or anything else beforehand, because Tommy (one of the coaches) was going to run us through a warm-up and I didn’t want to be burned out before we even started.

We did all that stuff and the PVC mobility stuff together. Then we did Frankenstein walks, broad jumps, and inchworms (the devil! the devil!)– before beginning the WOD.

The WOD was fairly straightforward and somewhat deceptive. I have a tendency to relax when I see it isn’t a million rounds for time. But then I take another look at the workout and realize it’s still a real m*therf*cker.

20 HSPU (scaled) (I put an abmat on a box and get my knees right up near the edge and mimic a handstand push-up. It’s still pretty hard. I am terrified of getting up near that wall. Like I’ve mentioned before, I was never the kid who twirled cartwheels or liked gymnastics or had any skill at tumbling, unless by “tumbling” you mean tripping and falling over my own feet).
30 Pull-ups (assisted, red + skinny purple band)
40 KB Swings (35#)
50 Abmat Sit-ups
60 Burpees
**15 Air Squats between each movement!!**

I finished in 14:42. I am very fast and good at air squats (though if I’m not careful, I tend to “crash” into my squat, which can be kind of sloppy) and KB swings– I can make up a lot of time  with those for being lousy at pull-ups (even though they are assisted) and the slowness of the million burpees.

Thank goodness there were no regular push-ups or I would’ve been there all night.


Was going to go for a run this morning (it is very difficult for me to make CrossFit classes on Mondays and Fridays because I don’t like rushing to and from 6am classes if I don’t *have* to and they don’t offer a 6:30pm or later class on those days) but figured I’ve been active enough lately– I don’t need to wear myself out on a run for no reason.

Anyway, I want to be able to stay awake past 8pm tonight. Planning to see Twilight 5 tonight with a girl friend. Not because it’s a cinematic achievement, but because it’s Twilight and whatever. Girly stuff. It’s the cheesy sort of thing you watch and get kind of uncomfortably embarrassed about the dialogue/acting/subject matter, but go to and enjoy anyway.


Went to Target to scope out sales (can I get a sports bra on clearance for, like, $5?) and buy some dishwashing detergent. Almost bought a pair of size 6 dress pants on sale for $8.50 until I realized they were actually hideous and I can’t afford to buy a pair of pants just because they are a size 6 and on sale. There’s no need to panic. Hopefully I will fit into a size 6 for a long damn time.

Anyway, I left with dishwashing detergent and a dressy black t-shirt (practical use). Not terribly exciting.

Feeling swell.

I went into a dressing room without crying yesterday. In fact, it was fun! And I was only limited by the fact that I don’t have more than $50 to spend on frivolities. I don’t know how to express how joyous it was to go into a dressing room with actual CHOICES. To not be disgusted by what I saw in the mirror. Yeah, yeah, self-esteem and all that– but truth be told, I’ve been legitimately FAT and it’s horrible. Nobody can say anything to you that you haven’t already beaten yourself up about a million times before. Even as a chubby adolescent, dressing rooms were torture chambers of tears. I was never the scrawny, cartwheel-turning kid. I liked to read books and binge-eat candy and snacks. I was active, sure (I used to take private tennis lessons at three different clubs)– but my natural impulse has always been to eat and lay around. I have never been able to find a pair of jeans that fit correctly, let alone the luxury of just “throwing on” a pair of jeans and a t-shirt. Always some kind of muffin-top to worry about– doesn’t matter how loose the t-shirt is. Horrible, horrible.

In my 20s, I abused prescription diet pills and energy drinks something awful. I always lost and gained back the same 20-30lbs. Or I’d go into cardio crazytown and take my ex’ Adderall and see how many months it would take me to burn out (about 6). That resulted in the most epic weight gain in the history of my existence. I gained 60 lbs over the next 6 months. Mainly owing to Costco-sized jars of Nutella and a spoon. And an obviously unhealthy obsession with Big Boy’s Brownie Hot Fudge Sundaes. And fast food. McDonald’s breakfast sandwiches were a daily thing. I think I was also rebelling against my brief stint (while dating and being married to my ex) with veganism.

Anyway, I’ve pretty much been battling that 60 lbs since 2009– when I decided to crawl out of my padded purgatory. I was so unhappy. It really wasn’t until 2010 that changes started to show (at 5’4 and 211+ lbs– it takes a while before anyone can tell you’ve lost any weight. It wasn’t until I got into the 160s that people even mentioned anything, which was kind of a bummer. A 50lb weight loss is no joke).

Right now I’m 5’4″ and holding steady at 149.8lbs. I lose 1-3 lbs a month. It’s not really important to me, that number. But the fact that I’m able to eke into a size 6 and wear (occasionally) Smalls (smalls! me! I still don’t believe it)– is so exciting.


October 2009. Just call me “Pat.”


Dec. 2, 2012. In the Old Navy Dressing Room. Progress feels GOOD.