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Getting Old.

I do all this fitness-y stuff, I’m active as hell– but I still can’t get out of the car without feeling like a creaky old lady. Not joking. I hate getting out of the car. It doesn’t hurt– but it’s awkward and slow. I don’t know what my problem is.

Speaking of problems, let’s talk about push-ups. I hate them. I’ve been CrossFitting since last June and I still can’t seem to string 10 good-form push-ups together. It’s brutal.

So that’s why a bunch of us (@winetoweights, for one) are doing the 100 push-ups challenge with the hashtag #nogirlypushups. I’m only on Level 1, Week 1, Day 3– and I think I have to re-do the day because it was such a hot mess when I completed it. My last few were hand-release push-ups. Not intentionally, I just collapsed onto the floor.

I really want to get these good-form push-ups mastered because I think it is important for all-around fitness and also for CrossFit workouts. I’d hate to not be able to Rx a workout for sake of a lousy push-up.

To be fair, I can hammer out a lot of them on my knees– chest to ground– but even those aren’t easy. Suffice to say, I simply have to get better at push-ups. I have to make an active effort to improve. It’s obviously not going to happen on its own just as a side-effect of me getting stronger generally. Same with a dumb-ass pull-up, which is another story.


Another thing I have gotten back into is yoga. I can’t quite swing the cost of re-joining my favorite yoga studio (Serendipity Yoga in Royal Oak) at the moment, so I’m joining a small group of people doing yoga on Wednesday nights at a friend’s house– with a bonafide yoga instructor. The cost is very low and the instruction very specific and geared toward newbies– which is very helpful. I am pre-arthritic and have flexibility for shit.

PS: Watching me do yoga is probably pretty hilarious. Like a bull in a china chop, for sure.

I keep waiting for that one move I’m amazing at, but haven’t found it yet. I’ll let you know when I do.


I keep meaning to talk about my experience at Syphus Training, but keep getting waylayed.  Got recruited from Twitter to give it a try– along with Jennifer of Wine to Weightlifting fame.

It was kind of like an hour-long CrossFit MetCon…ish. There were some long, complicated patterns– which I didn’t like. But it was all made up of awesome movements and exercises, which I DID like. A lot. You get points and stuff, but I’m not terribly competitive– so I don’t care about that as much. I went back last Monday to get my butt kicked again and I loved it. Only wish it was closer to where I live now. I think I may drop in once or twice a week. We’ll see. I think it could make me a better CrossFitter. I do love the coaches there– good people. Definitely a killer workout, too.

For more about Syphus, check out Jennifer’s blog entry about it– much more thorough than mine!


Me and Jennifer, post-Syphus workout. Hope she doesn’t mind I ganked this pic without asking!


So, despite not losing a pound or an inch on our box’ Paleo Challenge because I cheat all the time– I’ve been throwing strength PR’s around every week like it’s my job. So, there’s at least that.


Rocking the long hair!



But I did get these at work. Well done, boyfriend!

I CrossFitted on Valentine’s Day, to B’s great relief– we ate Chipotle for dinner and watched Weird Science. It was lovely.


Crap. It’s been a million years again!

Argh! Sorry, sorry!

A lot has happened since the last post. Christmas in Los Angeles, for one. A somewhat botched 50-day Paleo Challenge with my CrossFit box (still going on, btw, until March 2– I may be the only person who ends up gaining weight that isn’t pure muscle or whatever, because I DO WHAT I WANT). My first CrossFit Competition at Joust Strength + Fitness in Ann Arbor on January 26th, which was a wonderful adventure– even if I was a little out of my depth (I competed in a Modified Division, which means I used lighter weights/KB, a band for pull-ups, and single-under jump-roping, as opposed to double-unders).

I’ll post some pics and maybe get into more detail later.

Me with my CFT Coach, Carey.

During the first WOD, which was a 1 mile run, followed by:


Pull-ups, Deadlifts (I think I did 115#), KB Swings (only a 26# KB, which was nice), and burpees. Despite the scaling, it was still brutal. I had a really hard time with this WOD.



During the Front Squat ladder, the third workout:


So glad I had Carey talking me through this. I was on my own for the first two workouts.

The last WOD, was 5-mins straight of jump-roping. If you had to stop or messed up, you had to do 5 burpees. I got some points here, I didn’t mess up much. Maybe because I went at a steady pace for the whole competition and didn’t burn out early. I messed up 3x, I noticed a lot of girls messing up 5x and 6x.


I was pretty broken after the competition, I think I took 3 days off. I got a wicked massage two days afterward that FELT like a workout. Holy cow.

Other news, I went to Kalamazoo on Feb. 2nd to see Les Mis with my Twitter friend, JoAnne. It was my millionth time seeing the stage show and was just as good as ever. I also got to meet Andrew Varela, my Twitter buddy of, like, the last two years. Varela plays Javert and is pretty freaking awesome. His Twitter handle is @AndrewVarela525, I don’t think he minds if you bug him.


Me and Javert (Andrew Varela). Note my shit-eating grin. NERD ALERT.

What else?

Did the Hamtramck 5K Paczki Run with my friend Kaitlin, which was pretty awesome. I didn’t eat the paczki, but then we walked to New Palace bakery where I bought a freshly made giant moon pie and ate that, so bygones. Not paleo, btw.


Kaitlin with her post-race beer and paczki.

I also wiped out on some ice and ripped my favorite compression pants, which SUCKS.

Pre-race, warming up at the Subway.Image


Yeah! WOO!

Oh, yeah. I did an 8K race in Port Huron in January with my friend, Rachel (who I did the Run Like the Dickens run with back in December). It was really fun and we were fleet.

I have to stop writing now because I have to get ready for work. But soon I will have to tell you about my Syphus Training experience with @winetoweights and stuff.

You put WHAT in your coffee?


I put butter in my coffee.
To clarify, I put high-quality, unsalted butter in my coffee (I like Kerrygold). And I don’t just plop it in the coffee, either– which would be weird, oily, and gross. I blend it with a proper blending tool (in my case, I use a Magic Bullet. Not a silver bullet which is an entirely different device…) for 10-20 seconds, until foamy. I’ve been doing this for nearly a year. I have only shrunk in size, by the way. I have more energy, can go longer without feeling hungry, and I don’t get the jitters. It’s also great as a pick-me-up before my AM workouts.

This butter coffee is known as Bulletproof Coffee and it will rock your world. Don’t knock it til you try it!

The other benefits aside, it tastes FREAKING AWESOME. I often put in a teaspoon of coconut oil (instead of the MCT oil that the Bulletproof Exec recommends), a drop of vanilla, and cinnamon. Sometimes I mix it up and put in a square of Lindt’s 99% Cocoa.

By the way, Lindt’s 99% Cocoa is pretty incredible. It’s surprisingly not bitter. It’s rich and creamy and all the things good chocolate should be. Who knew that chocolate that is more than 90% dark doesn’t have to taste like baking chocolate? It’s a revelation!


Also, I’m now about 12 weeks into CrossFit and loving the shit out of it. I even have baby triceps!

Yesterday I attempted (a modified version of) “Fran”. Fran is the most well-known CrossFit work-out. It’s 21-15-9 thrusters and pullups. The elite athletes do it in, like,  2 minutes. It’s INSANE. I don’t know how they do it. It took me 3:40 just to do the first set of thrusters and I only had 55# on the bar. I also had to modify the pullups and use a green band. It took me 11:21. Ain’t no shame in my game– Fran is HARD!

Serious business. Also, GET THOSE ELBOWS UP!

Paleo Challenge, Day #10

Got 3 new tires & front-wheel alignment– it’s feels like a whole new car!

(… except for all the dings, scrapes, giant crack on front bumper from a piece of truck tire that flew into my car on freeway, and– of course– the duct-taped-on mirror.)


Breakfast: 1/3 hot cocoa from gas station. Bad planning, no homemade snacks= starving Molly. FAIL.

Lunch: chicken shawarma salad from Bucharest Grill.

(after work) Snack: some macadamia nuts & turkey jerky.

Dinner: Omega 3 trail mix bag (Trader Joe’s), some more turkey jerky, a few pieces of grilled asparagus, 1 salmon pattie & a few fresh raspberries. Hello, random.


Exercise: 1 hour Moonlight Flow yoga class at Serendipity Yoga. Loved it! Slow & “easy”– but I really felt it all. Great instruction, too.

Palleo Challenge, Day #5

Weigh-in: Bummer. Am up to 171.4. I ate an awful lot yesterday, plus– maybe some of it was really salty? I hope? This is the part I don’t like about weighing in, every day– when the number on the scale goes UP. So, up, like– 6 ounces from yesterday. Probably the little chicken baby I’m growing in there… WHO EATS HALF A CHICKEN IN ONE SITTING?!


I tried to get a full eight hours of sleep last night, but I still woke up about 20 minutes early. I’m exhausted & achy, in any case.

I swear, I could use another massage toute-de-suite.


I’m too tired, achy & full to even be hungry for breakfast. I think I’ll skip it. I won’t, however, be skipping the last of my Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea. B gave me a tin of 20 bags on Christmas Eve & I just used the last one this morning. [/addiction]


I feel like going tanning tonight. Not for the tan (which my skin doesn’t really take), but for the coconut vacation smell & the nap. Is that so wrong?


Ended up having a late Breakfast: small bag of trail mix (raw hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts & raisins) & my usual big, all-day thermos of hot cinnamon spice tea.

Lunch: the usual. Traverse City Salad from Rub BBQ w/ grilled chicken.

Snack: pistachios.

Dinner: spinach, feta & tomato omelette w/ some hashbrowns & bacon from Coney Island. I need groceries.

Dessert: mint tarragon tea.


Paleo Challenge, Day #2

Weigh-in: Do I have to weigh myself every day? Because the scale said 172.6 & then, 15 minutes later, 172.8. I can see that will make me nutty.


Eggs Scrambled w/ Spinach & Shallots

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled w/ spinach & shallots, 2 pieces of bacon.

Lunch: Traverse City Salad w/ grilled chicken (same as yesterday)… except I kept the blue cheese crumbles on the salad. That wasn’t paleo, but I’m not going to lose my mind over it.

Snack: a shit-ton of pistachios. Again. They’re my kryptonite right now.

Pre-Run Beverage: Coconut water. I try to only drink it before or after a workout, otherwise I will over-do it. Like everything.

Dinner: Feeling lazy & not very creative, I made another 2-egg scramble w/sauteed green, red, yellow peppers, mushrooms & shallots. I think I also put some cashews in there. Also had 2 pieces of bacon. And a piece of smoked salmon.

…WHAT?! I was REALLY hungry, OK?


Exercise: Ran 3.57 miles in 38 minutes. I swear, I get slower & slower every day. I meant to go farther, but I had to go to the bathroom really bad. REALLY BAD. You know? Ugh!

Ready for an evening run in January in Michigan.

Paleo Challenge, Day #1

Weigh-in: 172.8 lbs (which is crazy, since I weighed in at 177.6 last night– and that was before I ate marshmallows & bacon for dinner). I’ll try to do this every day at approximately the same time: as soon as I wake up, after I pee.

Considering that a little over a year ago I hit rock-bottom at 210 lbs, I’m not
weepy about it. And since I was 187 in October, I’m even less upset.

I’m getting there… slowly. I’d just like to move a little faster, so I can wear cute outfits. Especially those cute dresses from Anthropologie stashed in my closet since spring 2008, many of which I only wore once… some not at all. All size 6s. Siiiigh.

Yeah, I weigh a shit-ton. Always have. I’m only 5’4″. I don’t look like a roly-poly walking down the street or anything, I’m just…
densely-packed? And, yes, I could stand to lose 20 or 30 lbs. Which is what this is about.


My alarm never went off, so my meal-planning time went to hell.

Breakfast: macadamia nuts & some smoked salmon

Lunch: Traverse City Salad w/ Grilled Chicken, almonds, dried cherries, & balsamic vinaigrette from Rub BBQ.

Traverse City Salad

Snack: holy shit I ate a lot of pistachios.

Dinner: about 10 mini-Italian sausages, some walnuts, 2 wheat-free, gluten-free flax crackers.

Oh. And 2 bites of a shitty swordfish filet I attempted to cook for tomorrow. Gross.


Exercise: Ran last 3 days in a row, so I took today off. Also, wore fancy-high-heeled boots all day & boy, do my feet hurt. Boo. Hiss.