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This is what I’m eating…

I just want to say that I made an awesome lunch:

-Grass-fed ground beef (cooked in a dab of avocado oil) w/ purple cabbage, onions, a bit chopped garlic.

-Baked sweet potato w/ a little ghee & a dash of cinnamon.

-hardboiled egg

-a few raspberries in coconut milk.

That sounds like an awful lot of food.
Especially given that I had some of that ground beef/cabbage combo for breakfast with 2 pcs of bacon & 2 eggs.

Whatever. It was awesome.

… Right?



Also, I ran the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run (10k) on Sunday w/ B’s sister. It was so fun & I even PR’d it.

Am thinking about doing CrossFit again but since my Yoga payment is likely going to send me into the red this week, I probably ought to see if I can come up w/ a budget for myself first. I’m such a fucktard with money. OR, I live firmly in the present. Throwing caution to the wind.

… or probably just the first thing, a fucktard when it comes to money.