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Paleo Challenge, Day #2

Weigh-in: Do I have to weigh myself every day? Because the scale said 172.6 & then, 15 minutes later, 172.8. I can see that will make me nutty.


Eggs Scrambled w/ Spinach & Shallots

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled w/ spinach & shallots, 2 pieces of bacon.

Lunch: Traverse City Salad w/ grilled chicken (same as yesterday)… except I kept the blue cheese crumbles on the salad. That wasn’t paleo, but I’m not going to lose my mind over it.

Snack: a shit-ton of pistachios. Again. They’re my kryptonite right now.

Pre-Run Beverage: Coconut water. I try to only drink it before or after a workout, otherwise I will over-do it. Like everything.

Dinner: Feeling lazy & not very creative, I made another 2-egg scramble w/sauteed green, red, yellow peppers, mushrooms & shallots. I think I also put some cashews in there. Also had 2 pieces of bacon. And a piece of smoked salmon.

…WHAT?! I was REALLY hungry, OK?


Exercise: Ran 3.57 miles in 38 minutes. I swear, I get slower & slower every day. I meant to go farther, but I had to go to the bathroom really bad. REALLY BAD. You know? Ugh!

Ready for an evening run in January in Michigan.