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You put WHAT in your coffee?


I put butter in my coffee.
To clarify, I put high-quality, unsalted butter in my coffee (I like Kerrygold). And I don’t just plop it in the coffee, either– which would be weird, oily, and gross. I blend it with a proper blending tool (in my case, I use a Magic Bullet. Not a silver bullet which is an entirely different device…) for 10-20 seconds, until foamy. I’ve been doing this for nearly a year. I have only shrunk in size, by the way. I have more energy, can go longer without feeling hungry, and I don’t get the jitters. It’s also great as a pick-me-up before my AM workouts.

This butter coffee is known as Bulletproof Coffee and it will rock your world. Don’t knock it til you try it!

The other benefits aside, it tastes FREAKING AWESOME. I often put in a teaspoon of coconut oil (instead of the MCT oil that the Bulletproof Exec recommends), a drop of vanilla, and cinnamon. Sometimes I mix it up and put in a square of Lindt’s 99% Cocoa.

By the way, Lindt’s 99% Cocoa is pretty incredible. It’s surprisingly not bitter. It’s rich and creamy and all the things good chocolate should be. Who knew that chocolate that is more than 90% dark doesn’t have to taste like baking chocolate? It’s a revelation!


Also, I’m now about 12 weeks into CrossFit and loving the shit out of it. I even have baby triceps!

Yesterday I attempted (a modified version of) “Fran”. Fran is the most well-known CrossFit work-out. It’s 21-15-9 thrusters and pullups. The elite athletes do it in, like,  2 minutes. It’s INSANE. I don’t know how they do it. It took me 3:40 just to do the first set of thrusters and I only had 55# on the bar. I also had to modify the pullups and use a green band. It took me 11:21. Ain’t no shame in my game– Fran is HARD!

Serious business. Also, GET THOSE ELBOWS UP!


This is what I’m eating…

I just want to say that I made an awesome lunch:

-Grass-fed ground beef (cooked in a dab of avocado oil) w/ purple cabbage, onions, a bit chopped garlic.

-Baked sweet potato w/ a little ghee & a dash of cinnamon.

-hardboiled egg

-a few raspberries in coconut milk.

That sounds like an awful lot of food.
Especially given that I had some of that ground beef/cabbage combo for breakfast with 2 pcs of bacon & 2 eggs.

Whatever. It was awesome.

… Right?



Also, I ran the Dexter-Ann Arbor Run (10k) on Sunday w/ B’s sister. It was so fun & I even PR’d it.

Am thinking about doing CrossFit again but since my Yoga payment is likely going to send me into the red this week, I probably ought to see if I can come up w/ a budget for myself first. I’m such a fucktard with money. OR, I live firmly in the present. Throwing caution to the wind.

… or probably just the first thing, a fucktard when it comes to money.