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Palleo Challenge, Day #5

Weigh-in: Bummer. Am up to 171.4. I ate an awful lot yesterday, plus– maybe some of it was really salty? I hope? This is the part I don’t like about weighing in, every day– when the number on the scale goes UP. So, up, like– 6 ounces from yesterday. Probably the little chicken baby I’m growing in there… WHO EATS HALF A CHICKEN IN ONE SITTING?!


I tried to get a full eight hours of sleep last night, but I still woke up about 20 minutes early. I’m exhausted & achy, in any case.

I swear, I could use another massage toute-de-suite.


I’m too tired, achy & full to even be hungry for breakfast. I think I’ll skip it. I won’t, however, be skipping the last of my Hot Cinnamon Spice Tea. B gave me a tin of 20 bags on Christmas Eve & I just used the last one this morning. [/addiction]


I feel like going tanning tonight. Not for the tan (which my skin doesn’t really take), but for the coconut vacation smell & the nap. Is that so wrong?


Ended up having a late Breakfast: small bag of trail mix (raw hazelnuts, almonds, walnuts & raisins) & my usual big, all-day thermos of hot cinnamon spice tea.

Lunch: the usual. Traverse City Salad from Rub BBQ w/ grilled chicken.

Snack: pistachios.

Dinner: spinach, feta & tomato omelette w/ some hashbrowns & bacon from Coney Island. I need groceries.

Dessert: mint tarragon tea.



Paleo Challenge, Day #2

Weigh-in: Do I have to weigh myself every day? Because the scale said 172.6 & then, 15 minutes later, 172.8. I can see that will make me nutty.


Eggs Scrambled w/ Spinach & Shallots

Breakfast: 2 eggs scrambled w/ spinach & shallots, 2 pieces of bacon.

Lunch: Traverse City Salad w/ grilled chicken (same as yesterday)… except I kept the blue cheese crumbles on the salad. That wasn’t paleo, but I’m not going to lose my mind over it.

Snack: a shit-ton of pistachios. Again. They’re my kryptonite right now.

Pre-Run Beverage: Coconut water. I try to only drink it before or after a workout, otherwise I will over-do it. Like everything.

Dinner: Feeling lazy & not very creative, I made another 2-egg scramble w/sauteed green, red, yellow peppers, mushrooms & shallots. I think I also put some cashews in there. Also had 2 pieces of bacon. And a piece of smoked salmon.

…WHAT?! I was REALLY hungry, OK?


Exercise: Ran 3.57 miles in 38 minutes. I swear, I get slower & slower every day. I meant to go farther, but I had to go to the bathroom really bad. REALLY BAD. You know? Ugh!

Ready for an evening run in January in Michigan.

Oh, hey. It’s 2011.

New Year’s Resolution: write more shit. That’s a classy way of saying I mean to write in this blog frequently, whether or not I feel like it. Whether or not I feel clever or literate. So there.

2011= Big Changes. And not just because I’m really excited about HBO’s “Game of Thrones” or what’s next for my favorite Chicago-area wizard, Harry Dresden (of Jim Butcher’s Dresden Files book series).

2011 will be major, I’ve decided. I’ve been testing out the Paleo lifestyle (check out Robb Wolf’s The Paleo Solution) for past month & plan to get serious with in on Jan. 3rd. I’ll try to blog about my triumphs & setbacks. Or not. I’ll see how it goes.

Also, I really want to do the Detroit Free Press 1/2 Marathon in October, so I’ll keep this thing updated (via Daily Mile) with my progress. I’m registering for Chicago’s Shamrock Shuffle (April 20) & I really want to do at least one Warrior Dash this spring/summer (…mainly for the helmets & beer).

Also, I want to lose 20 lbs before winter turns to spring– there are dresses I need to be wearing. I’m too young and attractive to be so frumpy. I’m 30 & I’ve only got a few years before I reach my peak in aesthetic appeal… then the big decline.

To boot, I’m dating someone terrific & three months in– we’re still having loads of fun. I think so, anyway.

2011. Big things.