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Catching Up/Getting Farther Behind

Eh. Worst blogger ever. I never feel like blogging and by the time I do, there’s so much I have to write about– I put it off some more.

Lots of stuff happened.

Thanks to my late Uncle Larry, I was able to pay off my credit card debt– I’m still poor, but at least I’m free! That’s probably the biggest thing.

I’m going to miss that guy. There’s not a day that has gone by where I’m not thinking about him, missing him. I wish I could tell you more clearly what kind of shining light he was, but I can’t.

In other news, completely fell of the paleo wagon in probably my most flagrant style yet. I’m just… not on it.

Today is the first day in weeks where I’m really even contemplating getting back on.

The CrossFit Open started and the workouts have had their ups and downs. As I’ve only been CrossFitting since June, I’m still a n00b. I’m often frustrated by what I can’t do. Trying to overcome that frustration. Also gave up on the No Girly Push-Up challenge due to my uncle’s passing and general exhaustion. Still trying to figure out if I have an adrenal fatigue problem. I probably do.

I also have run two 5Ks, both PRs, in the last month. I did the Corktown 5K (saw Jennifer of Wine to Weightlifting fame) and the Run du Nain Rouge 5K. I ran the Corktown 5K in 28:40-something and I ran the Nain Rouge in 26:31! It was only in the last year that I’ve been able to run a sub-10 avg min/mile, so I’m super-impressed. I had just told one of my CF coaches that my next goal was to run a sub-9 min/mile and BLAMMO, there it is.

On Friday, March 22– I did the DEA’s Maltz Challenge at Ford Field. That was pretty cool as even though I work across the street from the stadium, I had never been inside. I did the 1/2 Maltz as I’ve been beating my body up pretty good.

Back to CrossFit tonight after a few days off. W00t!


Pre-Run du Nain Rouge 5K


Pre-Maltz Challenge at Ford Field with some of my CFT homies.


Pre-Corktown 5K with a creepy Keebler-Elf-looking guy.


Hot Taco Intervention

I fucking love tacos.

I eat the corn tortilla instead of flour, because in my head it seems a little better.

Hot Taco on Park downtown (Detroit) is my kryptonite.

Holy cow! All my charges from there over last 2 weeks cleared on same day and when I saw the damage? I realized I have a problem.

Thank you, Crossfit– thanks to you, I haven’t gained a pound (lost one, actually).


Long overdue update and stuff

Is anyone out there?


It’s so overwhelming trying to update a blog when you haven’t updated it since God was a boy. Where do I start? What was I going to say? What was this blog about, anyway? I dunno.

I’ll start with some stuff–

  1. Things I am into: The new Les Miserables movie due out this Christmas. I am so excited about this movie I can’t stand it. If you don’t like musicals or Les Mis, you best not tell me because I will think less of you as a person. Btw, the best film adaptation of the novel is the 1934 French film by Raymond Bernard. It’s long, but brilliant. Harry Baur is the best Jean Valjean I have ever seen, and I’ve seen them all. Don’t get me wrong, Colm Wilkinson has all the stars and asterisks in my heart– but Harry Baur tops him, slightly.
  2. CrossFit. I am ALL about the CrossFitting. I started up officially, for real, in June at CrossFit Transformation in Roseville, MI. It’s not far from my house and I am lazy about research, so I just up and emailed the box (aka: CrossFit gym. They call them “boxes”. It’s not perverted)– and then kind of fibbed my way into skipping the 3 fundamentals classes (as I did them at Motor City CrossFit over a year and half ago, which I conveniently rounded down). I would’ve liked to have done the fundamentals classes again, but I’m poor– and at Motor City they cost $150, on top of whatever the monthly fee is. I can’t afford that, so I had to lie. I didn’t WANT to lie. In any case, everyone is super-patient and awesome there and I think I picked the right box for me. The floor is a little dirtier than I’d like, it’s all autumn leaves and dirt and splinters, but I can deal. They are right to call CrossFit a cult. It’s addictive and cultish, for sure. It’s kind of what I’m after right now, though, as–
  3. B (we’re still dating, it’ll be two years on Sept. 16) made a work-related move to Baton Rouge, LA in May. It pretty much sucks moose wang for us, but it’s a good career move. Hopefully, he’ll be back in the D sometime November/Decemberish. Thus, I like the CrossFit cult mentality because it keeps me from just putting on my pajamas and being anti-social after work every day.
  4. I got to visit New Orleans for the first time ever and I love it tons. Baton Rouge was just ok (but I got to check out Geaux CrossFit there, which was awesome), but New Orleans? Fantastic. I ate all the foods and saw the Rebirth Brass Band one of the nights and they blew my mind. What a lot of fun! Can’t wait to go back to Louisiana at the end of this month– and hopefully, if B’s work schedule allows, back to NOLA.
  5. I did Tough Mudder in April in Ohio with my friends, Gerri and Joe. It was awesome. Best experience ever. Great camaraderie and an all-around fantastic event. Can’t wait to do another Tough Mudder. Apparently THERE WILL BE an event in the Detroit-area in 2013. Am stoked.
  6. Oh, check out the WOD Diaries. It’s hilarious. Here’s the Pilot Episode. If you like it a lot, you can contribute here.
  7. I think CrossFit is really about the coaches taking pictures of all of the awesome and beautiful faces I make when I am doing gods know what possibly 5 lbs max on a barbell. But it looks really heavy, right? It feels heavy.

I think I will make an album strictly devoted to The Terrible Faces I Make at CrossFit.

Over the last year or so, I think my body has undergone some kind of transformation (of the positive variety). I hope to keep up the positive and make more gains. Goal: dead-hang and kipping pullup (by Halloween), a double-under (some day), and a hand-stand push-up (before I die. Am currently afraid of approaching the wall even remotely). My diet has been kind of loosey-goosey for the last few month and I haven’t successfully battened down the hatches since January, so I’ve started a Whole30. Yesterday was Day #1. It should’ve been Day #2, but I HAD to finish off a pint of pistachio gelato and other such. The box is starting one tomorrow, so I’ll join them for accountability purposes.

Anyway, that’s what’s what. (WHAT?)

Maybe I’ll update again sooner rather than later.