It’s a Dance, Stop Calling it a Fight.

Sharing with my fellow brain cancer friends & our friends & family.

Dr. Christine Rogers

A Meditation on the Nature of Time and Impermanence in the Face of Cancer.

On August 10th, the neurosurgeon attempted to remove a grade 2 glioma from my right insula. The surgery was difficult due to a bed of arteries which was very close to the tumor and a couple of very thin arteries crossing it right in the middle to probably feed deeper brain regions. The surgery lasted seven hours and required a neurosurgeon and vascular neurosurgeon to move the arteries out of the way and access the tumor below. Five and a half hours to take the tumor out, and two hours to reconstruct the skull (which was fully open). I was not surprised when I was told that they had to stop to avoid possible strokes and thus did not remove the whole tumor. I could spend quite some time explaining the science and the…

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