OK, so– did Level 1, Week 2, Day 1 of my 100 Push-ups/NO GIRLY PUSH-UPS Challenge yesterday.



It was wretched and terrible, but I did all 24 push-ups. Even if the last few were ugly.

Incidentally, we had a total of 100 hand-release push-ups in our WOD last night– and I did them prescribed (not on my knees) for the first time in class ever. I was slow, but I knocked them all out.

Speaking of which, I feel really good about all of my CrossFit workouts lately.

I feel that I’m making strength gains and really getting close to doing a pull-up. SO CLOSE.



In other news, one mistake I made yesterday that I hope I will not be making again is allowing the barbell to roll down my back (after I failed trying to come out of the hole).

It felt amazing.

If by amazing, you mean burning fire and pain.


If only all workouts were made up of air squats. I would win all the prizes.


PS: I need a haircut serious major. I am two seconds away from chopping it all off and probably losing a boyfriend over it.


That is all for now. Hurrah for coffee and my 10,000,000,000 calorie a day diet. It seems to be working out OK.




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