Getting Old.

I do all this fitness-y stuff, I’m active as hell– but I still can’t get out of the car without feeling like a creaky old lady. Not joking. I hate getting out of the car. It doesn’t hurt– but it’s awkward and slow. I don’t know what my problem is.

Speaking of problems, let’s talk about push-ups. I hate them. I’ve been CrossFitting since last June and I still can’t seem to string 10 good-form push-ups together. It’s brutal.

So that’s why a bunch of us (@winetoweights, for one) are doing the 100 push-ups challenge with the hashtag #nogirlypushups. I’m only on Level 1, Week 1, Day 3– and I think I have to re-do the day because it was such a hot mess when I completed it. My last few were hand-release push-ups. Not intentionally, I just collapsed onto the floor.

I really want to get these good-form push-ups mastered because I think it is important for all-around fitness and also for CrossFit workouts. I’d hate to not be able to Rx a workout for sake of a lousy push-up.

To be fair, I can hammer out a lot of them on my knees– chest to ground– but even those aren’t easy. Suffice to say, I simply have to get better at push-ups. I have to make an active effort to improve. It’s obviously not going to happen on its own just as a side-effect of me getting stronger generally. Same with a dumb-ass pull-up, which is another story.


Another thing I have gotten back into is yoga. I can’t quite swing the cost of re-joining my favorite yoga studio (Serendipity Yoga in Royal Oak) at the moment, so I’m joining a small group of people doing yoga on Wednesday nights at a friend’s house– with a bonafide yoga instructor. The cost is very low and the instruction very specific and geared toward newbies– which is very helpful. I am pre-arthritic and have flexibility for shit.

PS: Watching me do yoga is probably pretty hilarious. Like a bull in a china chop, for sure.

I keep waiting for that one move I’m amazing at, but haven’t found it yet. I’ll let you know when I do.


I keep meaning to talk about my experience at Syphus Training, but keep getting waylayed.  Got recruited from Twitter to give it a try– along with Jennifer of Wine to Weightlifting fame.

It was kind of like an hour-long CrossFit MetCon…ish. There were some long, complicated patterns– which I didn’t like. But it was all made up of awesome movements and exercises, which I DID like. A lot. You get points and stuff, but I’m not terribly competitive– so I don’t care about that as much. I went back last Monday to get my butt kicked again and I loved it. Only wish it was closer to where I live now. I think I may drop in once or twice a week. We’ll see. I think it could make me a better CrossFitter. I do love the coaches there– good people. Definitely a killer workout, too.

For more about Syphus, check out Jennifer’s blog entry about it– much more thorough than mine!


Me and Jennifer, post-Syphus workout. Hope she doesn’t mind I ganked this pic without asking!


So, despite not losing a pound or an inch on our box’ Paleo Challenge because I cheat all the time– I’ve been throwing strength PR’s around every week like it’s my job. So, there’s at least that.


Rocking the long hair!



But I did get these at work. Well done, boyfriend!

I CrossFitted on Valentine’s Day, to B’s great relief– we ate Chipotle for dinner and watched Weird Science. It was lovely.


2 thoughts on “Getting Old.

  1. Mary

    Great post! Haha I hate getting out of a car. I like my SUV because I can sort of roll out of it 🙂 long trips are the worst!
    I love your glasses BTW- Gorge!
    Good luck with your push-ups!

  2. Suzanne (@WorkoutNirvana)

    Here’s the deal on getting old (and I’m guaranteed older than you). Things will hurt. My hips hurt all the damn time lately. BUT it’s not just because you’re getting old. It’s because you need to rest more. Or get stronger. I love how determined you are. Now… give yourself boatloads of credit for that :).
    P.S. Gratitude for the linky on your blog!


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