Crap. It’s been a million years again!

Argh! Sorry, sorry!

A lot has happened since the last post. Christmas in Los Angeles, for one. A somewhat botched 50-day Paleo Challenge with my CrossFit box (still going on, btw, until March 2– I may be the only person who ends up gaining weight that isn’t pure muscle or whatever, because I DO WHAT I WANT). My first CrossFit Competition at Joust Strength + Fitness in Ann Arbor on January 26th, which was a wonderful adventure– even if I was a little out of my depth (I competed in a Modified Division, which means I used lighter weights/KB, a band for pull-ups, and single-under jump-roping, as opposed to double-unders).

I’ll post some pics and maybe get into more detail later.

Me with my CFT Coach, Carey.

During the first WOD, which was a 1 mile run, followed by:


Pull-ups, Deadlifts (I think I did 115#), KB Swings (only a 26# KB, which was nice), and burpees. Despite the scaling, it was still brutal. I had a really hard time with this WOD.



During the Front Squat ladder, the third workout:


So glad I had Carey talking me through this. I was on my own for the first two workouts.

The last WOD, was 5-mins straight of jump-roping. If you had to stop or messed up, you had to do 5 burpees. I got some points here, I didn’t mess up much. Maybe because I went at a steady pace for the whole competition and didn’t burn out early. I messed up 3x, I noticed a lot of girls messing up 5x and 6x.


I was pretty broken after the competition, I think I took 3 days off. I got a wicked massage two days afterward that FELT like a workout. Holy cow.

Other news, I went to Kalamazoo on Feb. 2nd to see Les Mis with my Twitter friend, JoAnne. It was my millionth time seeing the stage show and was just as good as ever. I also got to meet Andrew Varela, my Twitter buddy of, like, the last two years. Varela plays Javert and is pretty freaking awesome. His Twitter handle is @AndrewVarela525, I don’t think he minds if you bug him.


Me and Javert (Andrew Varela). Note my shit-eating grin. NERD ALERT.

What else?

Did the Hamtramck 5K Paczki Run with my friend Kaitlin, which was pretty awesome. I didn’t eat the paczki, but then we walked to New Palace bakery where I bought a freshly made giant moon pie and ate that, so bygones. Not paleo, btw.


Kaitlin with her post-race beer and paczki.

I also wiped out on some ice and ripped my favorite compression pants, which SUCKS.

Pre-race, warming up at the Subway.Image


Yeah! WOO!

Oh, yeah. I did an 8K race in Port Huron in January with my friend, Rachel (who I did the Run Like the Dickens run with back in December). It was really fun and we were fleet.

I have to stop writing now because I have to get ready for work. But soon I will have to tell you about my Syphus Training experience with @winetoweights and stuff.


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