Mundane little things

I woke up at 4:30am yesterday (mainly so I could use my Aeropress to make my Bulletproof coffee and putz around online for a few minutes) to get to CFT for the 6am class. I don’t mind waking up at 4:30am, but the rushing thing (waiting for other gym patron to finish his shower, so I can take fastest shower on earth and pull skinny jeans over damp legs, spill shampoo all over my gym bag, etc.) SUCKS. I have to open the office between 8:15-8:20 am or the employees are waiting outside the door (not in the cold, we’re in an office building), looking very smug.

I really enjoyed working on my back and front squats. I think, in time, I will be very good at them. I like the 6am coach, he is very straightforward and full of encouragement. He doesn’t coddle, though. If I can do something without scaling, even if it takes forever– he is all for that. Like that day with the thrusters. I thought I was going to cry (I feel as though I might cry in pretty much every CrossFit workout) when it seemed like it was going to take me 10 minutes to do 10 thrusters. And there were 5 rounds of 10 thrusters! But it didn’t take me that long and I didn’t cry.

The class yesterday looked like this. If you’re not a CrossFitter, it will look like chicken scratch or like one of my ex-husband’s boring-ass logic puzzles.

CFT Standard Warm-up & Mobility

Part I~
Back Squat
-Every 30 seconds for 4:00 minutes – 1 rep @ 85% (9 total reps) (*I can’t remember, but I think I was doing 95#)
-Rest exactly 2 minutes
-Every minute on the minute for 4:00 minutes – 1 rep @ 90% (5 total reps) (I think I did 105#… math isn’t my strong suit)
Part II~
Front Squats
Find 1 rep max. (*I didn’t quite find it, but I was close at 115#)

2 min ME Row for Calories (32)
Rest 1 minute
4 min AMRAP~
15 Pushups (hand release) (*I must not have seen the “hand release” part of it, but I just did knee push-ups. My arms were smoked for some reason, even during the warm-up, I could barely do 1 regular push-up without collapsing)
10 T2B (*I scaled to knees-2-elbows, which is still bloody hard!)
Rest 1 minute
4 min AMRAP~
15 Jumping Squats w/ 35# BB
10 Pullups (*started with just the red band, but again– my arms were smoked. Had to bring in the skinny purple band to assist as well)
Rest 1 minute
2 min ME Row for Calories (31)
32-3+3K2E-2+6 jump squats-31

Notes: I am pretty decent at rowing, but I am pretty terrible and push-ups and pull-ups. I need lots of breaks and I have to scale them. I hate feeling so weak!

Over the spring, before CrossFit, I was doing a 100 push-up challenge– but I don’t think I was doing them correctly. CrossFit requires you to go chest-to-ground. I think I was making it too easy for myself then, because I am much, much (visibly) stronger now and have regressed to knee push-ups almost exclusively.

My biggest fitness goals currently are to get a regular pull-up and 10 regular push-ups consecutively. I really think I am close.

Generally am too tired to get much running in. Also, between work and CrossFit (and recovery days)– when am I supposed to do it? I am desperately fearful of getting sick (especially the pukey kind), so am trying to be smart and get lots of rest since there are lots of nasty bugs going around.

So far, so good. I am giving credit to my sort-of paleo diet and good gut flora (thanks, raw kraut!).


Coworker who had been glum for some time and sort of a negative nellie, quit via email on Monday. Not very cool, if you ask me. She worked with us for 10 years and broke up with us via email. Sometimes when you’re done, you’re done and she checked out a while ago, I think– but still. A few day’s notice would have been a classy and courteous thing to do. I don’t think I’m at liberty to say much more regarding my feelings on the matter, as it’s not professional, etc. As much as we all get on each other’s nerves, as coworkers, we spend most of our day with one another– for better and for worse. She came to my wedding. I would’ve appreciated a proper “goodbye.” As it is, I’m a little miffed. As my dad said, “We would have had a ‘goodbye party.’ I would have brought a cake.” Cake is a big deal at our office. Cake is The Big Thing That Happens. We love birthdays. OR any other excuse for cake.


I also worked out in the early AM yesterday so I could do a couple loads of laundry and pick up all of my clothes off of B’s floor. I wish I had been in the anal retentive place where I could see to it that all the clothes were facing the same way on the same type of hanger– but I wasn’t in that place and don’t see myself being in that place soon.

Still have to find time to wash the bed linens before B gets back Saturday. I don’t think he’ll care either way, but I do. It’s proper. Plans tomorrow night, Friday night, and Saturday morning. I feel like Little Miss Social Butterfly, which is hardly true. I hope I have time to get my nails done on Friday. I can’t do it before then because… money.



I love KB Swings. I’m pretty good at them, maybe.

I also really like air squats.

I also really like air squats.


Shit. My coffee is cold.

4 thoughts on “Mundane little things

  1. ~jenniferlynn

    I think you need to change your theme.. it’s quite sad looking…

    Anyway, love that you’re posting about your workouts. I need encouragement from other ladies who feel like they want to cry when they do WODs because I honestly have felt the same way, and I’m terrified to commit to a box because I am quite crappy at endurance things and after coming in last out of 14 people on Monday’s WOD, I just need some hope. lol 🙂

    1. Molly Post author

      Haha! I am such a techno n00b. Would love to change my theme and update my links and stuff– every time I try, the wrong stuff gets deleted or changed. I’ll work on it. Thanks for the feedback!

      Re: Crossfit woes. I feel your pain. I’m slow at everything (but squats, knees-to-elbows, rowing, and KB swings) and it can be really discouraging some days.
      How long have you been CFing? I’ve heard it takes about 2 years to be any good at it. 😛

      I love it more now at the 6 month mark than I did the first 3 months, for sure.

      Are you in Michigan?


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