I don’t know what to write here.

It’s probably time to update my blog even though I don’t have a single thought in my head.

Funny, though, because I could probably write a textbook in tweets this morning– but ask me to put shape to a thought in more than 140 characters and my brain comes up blank.

CrossFitting is still awesome. I’m still terrible at OLY lifts. Every time I attempt a snatch, the first attempt ALWAYS results in me falling on my ass, dropping the bar on myself (it’s just lucky that for my snatches the weight on the bar is always REALLY LOW).

Give me metcon with burpees, rowing, sprints, knees-to-elbows (my scaling of toes-to-bar), KB swings– over a WOD with the barbell. Good gods. I might kill someone by accident. Over the last few weeks I’ve hit myself in the face with the bar, hit someone else in the head with the bar, and dropped the bar on myself while falling. Clumsy, much?

Regardless, I love it so much. I have tiny visible tricep muscles and am growing a shapely booty, even! My mid-section is leaner than it’s ever been, even though I am still a compact and meaty little woman.

My diet was great during the month of September when I did my Whole30-ish. It’s been horrible since I got back from my visit to Baton Rouge (Sept 27-Oct 2). I’m only lucky I’ve been committed to running and CrossFitting– I’m a beast! My sister and I have decided to eat as cleanly as possible for the month of December. For her it’s just cutting her sugar and eating fewer grains. For me, it’s fairly strict paleo. Not messing around with a Whole30. Too strict for this time of year, let’s be serious (I’ve met myself, after all). Anyway, my box is doing a Paleo Challenge in Feb that will be off the chain, so ok.

I should be ok as long as nobody brings a cake with frosting into the office again. This happened 2x this week and I’ve eaten about a pound of frosting. I love frosting. The cheap Kroger kind. Cool Whip. Cream cheese. Chocolate. As I’ve heard folk say, “It don’t matter.” I will eat it. I love it. I love you, frosting. Forever. I don’t care about the insta-headache.


What else.

B will be back home for GOOD on Dec. 8. Thank goodness.

I hired a cleaning service to clean his apartment last month because… No. His bathroom was a thing of night terrors. Now, it is pleasant.

When he gets back, first thing he has to do is clean the crap out of all his closets. Oh Em Gee. Otherwise all my stuff is going to stay on the floor of his bedroom and his OCD self will not put up with that.

Been staying at his apartment for the last week or so. Getting used to the longer (mainly more irritating) commute to work and MORE IMPORTANTLY how long it will take me to get to my CrossFit box in Roseville.


Aside from CrossFit and work and sleeping and the occasional run– I sometimes read a little of the Outlander book series and watch the International trailer for Les Miserables trailer an infinity million times.

I cannot be cool about Les Miserables. I love it more than anything. It is, like, an extension of myself. People just don’t get it. But whatever.


PS: I don’t really edit, so… typos and other things. Oops.

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