Oh, by the way…

I’m still here. Still fighting the fight. Still mediocre. Still trying to stay on the paleo straight-and-narrow (to varying levels of success). Did some things I planned to do, didn’t do others. Have some vague goals, have some clearer goals– some other things that are somewhere between crazy-sauce dreams & lofty goals. Once I figure out how to get from A to B, or even in that general direction– I’ll be good. There’s so many things I want to do, but I’m just too damn tired after work. My best hours of the day are between 6-11am. Which is a real bummer since I’m stuck at the office doing the world’s most unextraordinary, even hateful, work during those hours.


  • Bulletproof Coffee is my new favorite. Seriously, butter coffee. Better than heavy cream. Swear it. Just make sure it is UNSALTED.
  • I’m still dating my boyfriend. Passed the 1-year mark. W00t!
  • Bones‘ new season premieres this Thursday. That show is one of my guilty pleasures. I don’t even care if you judge me for it.
  • I have my own apartment now. I can barely buy my groceries, but I have my own sanctuary. I don’t have a couch, table, or a TV. Or a microwave. Or sheets on my bed (re: lazy). But I have my apartment. Mainly it’s awesome, sometimes lonely.
  • I had a birthday in September. I’m 31. Officially getting old. It’s all good.

And that’s it for now.



One thought on “Oh, by the way…

  1. Pete waud

    You sound greeaat, a little miffed, but great.
    I really think you ought to get serious about
    The paleo thing, I’ve been seriously following
    It since October and it really helps me!
    (frogcave) x


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