Nothing of Any Importance

I’m cranky.

I did Plow Pose in its full expression last night in my Moonlight Flow yoga class. I’m impressed.

I was tagged in several FB pictures recently where I had either visible tummy rolls, a piece of mint leaf from a mojito stuck in my teeth or a booger in my nose.

I said some really clever & witty things on Twitter recently. I know you’re jealous.

Sometimes the only reason I don’t seem as neurotic as I used to (in my early-to-mid-20s) is because I’m too tired to care. Also, I’m less attractive than I used to be & the world seems, at least a little bit, less full of potential. The decline in my neuroses is directly & oppositely affected by my increasing lack of faith that I’m going to become a wealthy, beloved jet-setter with fancy plans & a well-kept wardrobe.

I really like full-fat coconut milk & things that are shiny and/or have sequins. Not necessarily those things together.

I am going for a run now.

2 thoughts on “Nothing of Any Importance

  1. Gerri

    I disagree with your assessment of attractiveness. I think you are as attractive, if not more so, and I knew you when. You’re looking smokin in every picture I’ve seen.


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