Oh. HAI.

Been awhile…

Still trying to eat less like an asshole & more paleo-like, meeting with some success… occasionally.

Still doing yoga, still running… occasionally.

Did Shamrock Shuffle in Chicago last month, that was awesome.

Game of Thrones premiered on HBO, also last month, also awesome.

B met my parents, finally, in March. Also awesome.

Discovered I like dark chocolate, almond butter & macadamia nuts way too much & need to find a way to eat them like a responsible adult.

This is all I have to say right now.

One thought on “Oh. HAI.

  1. Justine Lam

    Hello Molly,
    I’m working with HealthRally, a new software company focused on health motivation. I found you via your tweets, so I’m assuming you are health-oriented, tech savvy and like to try new things.

    We’d like you to try HealthRally and give us feedback before we bring it to the public. We think you would be a great fit.

    HealthRally.com is a private social network where you choose a health goal like losing weight, pick a reward that could motivate you, and then invite your close friends and family to cheer you on and motivate you to succeed with pledges toward your reward.

    It’s a new approach, and we are seeing our first group of users achieve their goals and have a bunch of fun in the process.

    Can I send you a link to sign in and try?

    Just send me a note at justine@healthrally.com


    Justine Lam
    Community Outreach


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