Paleo Challenge, #14 & #15

Day #14

Honestly? I don’t feel like updating this right now.

I did fairly well, eating-wise (except for the piece of cake I had at a wedding shower).

Went rollerskating with B & Rob on Sunday. The regulars at the roller rink should be characters in  a Christopher Guest movie.

Day #15

Had a pretty standard paleo day (beginning with one of my excellent scrambles with lots of veggies & some bacon)– except for the cup of tomato basil soup I had with lunch. Am still angsty over it. It definitely had cream in it & I’m not sure what else might have been in it.

I had vinegar & oil dressing with my Traverse City (w/ grilled chicken salad). I’m beginning to prefer vinegar & oil to any other dressing. One day maybe I’ll even progress to lemon juice.

Dinner was an entire bag of buffalo jerky (whoops) (apparently there’s 3.5 servings in 1 bag. LIES!), some raw cashews, &  1/2 of a pear. After yoga I tried some of my roommates beef stew– so good. All paleo, as far as I know.

So, portion-control is still a major issue. Am working on it.


In other news, been slacking on the running. Just not motivated when it’s this cold & wet. Yuck.

Went to moonlight yoga on Monday (Day #15) & signed up for 60 days unlimited at Serendipity Yoga. Also shopped around for a gym & think I found one I really like. It’s month-to-month & there’s no BS contract that makes it near-impossible to leave. Customer reviews were good. It’ll be my next paycheck’s main purchase. Woohoo!

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