Paleo Challenge, Day #12 & Day #13

DAY #12

Breakfast: 2-egg scrambled, chopped shallots, mushrooms, peppers, 2 pieces of bacon. 1/2 pear (w/squeeze of lemon)

Everything Scramble.

on side.

Lunch: some raspberries, celery with raw almond butter, a small bag of  Omega-3 trail mix.

By the time I got home from work I was starving, so I ate a bunch of macadamia nuts, more trail mix  & a piece of smoked salmon.

Dinner: went to California Pizza Kitchen. I got the CPK Cobb Salad with full-on blue cheese dressing. They had an option to put beets on the salad. I like beets. Also had a mojito. I totally cheated, though, & split the CPK version of lava cake with B. It was delicious. I didn’t feel guilty.


Tried to watch “Mr. & Mrs Smith” with B, but as usual– snoring & drooling less than 30 minutes in.


Day #13

We can just rule this day out for the Paleo Challenge. I had a pretzel dog (that’s what happens when you let yourself get too damn hungry & are wearing high-heeled boots in a mall) & a Godiva chocolixir. And a piece of Olga bread. Not all at once, but all in the same day. Can you say FAILEO?

The Devil

I did have some nutrition, however: a small grilled chicken salad for lunch & nuts & part of an apple & I managed to cook a duck filet by myself for dinner (I had an egg scrambled with chopped shallots, mushrooms & spinach as well). The duck filet was a big victory. I EATED A LOT OF FOODS!

I suppose the Paleo Challenge is a journey. Today was terrible for eating. The Godiva cocoa made me feel kinda yucky after, so won’t make that mistake too often.


I haven’t gone for a run in DAYS & I can’t even go to yoga tomorrow (B’s sister’s shower)– but there are classes I plan on attending Mon, Tues, & Weds.


Life is good… busy… which is good. For me.

I am happy. I am happy for… loopholes. 😉

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