Paleo Challenge, Day #11

Breakfast: Breakfast consisted of a spoonful of raw almond butter, some macadamia nuts, & a piece of smoked salmon.

Lunch: turkey jerky, mini-bag of Omega-3 trail mix (Trader Joe’s), celery with raw almond butter & a few raspberries.

Dinner: 3 pieces of chicken from YaYa’s (flame-broiled, I guess?) (not quite 1/2 of a chicken), some mashed potatoes, some macadamia nuts, a few more raspberries & 1/2 of a pear. WTF? Today must be random food-eating day…


Today I started working at 7:30am & worked straight through until 5. I know that’s not that crazy or anything, but in our business– it kind of is crazy. So, I’m a little stressed out because there’s much more that needs to get done. Needs vs. Wants. ARGH!


In pjs at 7pm, drinking Hot Cinnamon Sunset tea and catching up on episodes of Lie To Me. Caught up on Castle last night. Don’t be jealous of my exciting social life.

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