Paleo Challenge, Day #9

Breakfast: 2.5 pieces of bacon, 2 eggs scrambled in bacon grease and a few brussel sprouts.

Lunch: my usual Traverse City Salad from Rub BBQ with grilled chicken. Amazingly, I thought to get dressing on the side. I used very little. Why wasn’t I doing that all along?

Dinner: B & I went to The Emory in Ferndale for dinner. I got a flat tire on long, ridiculous, snowy commute home from work. I managed to pull into a White Castle parking lot just north of 8 Mile on Woodward. After AAA came, I was starving. It had been more than 8 hours since I last ate. I ordered the pot roast  (w/ au jus) sandwich sans bread. I also had a little faileo (not fellatio!) action going on– I ate 2 onion rings and all the fries that came on my plate. Whoopsie crumbs.


Too tired to have much else to say.

Tomorrow will be more exciting, I swear!

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