Paleo Challenge, Day #8

Weigh-in: 172.2 I’m kind of bummed. Was hoping for a more significant loss. I’ve heard radical stories of weight loss doing the Paleo Diet, but I’m sure they’re following it much more strictly than I am. Most of the crazy-amazing stories include the Crossfit exercise program, too. And let’s face it, if they lost more than 5 lbs in one week– they’re probably dudes. But I need to take responsibility for the fact that I’ve been very loosey-goosey with ingredients & I’ve eaten out for too much. That said, my stomach is leaner & my face & body are not so puffy since I started this (in whatever capacity) in early December. I’m going to see if buckling down & being strict this week makes a difference. I think it will. Also, despite the number not significantly decreasing– I feel good. My body does look better– even if I don’t have facts & figures to back it up.


Exercise: Ran 3.26 miles in 34:30 minutes. Still so slow! Aargh! Cold, cold morning run. Vinyasa yoga class blew my mind. I had no idea WTF was happening. I was bewildered on my mat or in “Child’s Pose” most of the class… & yet I’m still super-sore. I can’t wait to go back! I suck! But I like it!


Breakfast: on the fly… a bunch of salty cashews. That, and the bunch of salty pistachios I had as a Snack later in the day, probably explains why I drank SO MUCH WATER today.

Lunch: My favorite stand-by Paleo lunch– a near 2lb chicken shawarma salad from Bucharest Grill.

Dinner: After yoga, I met my friend, Mike A., for dinner at Qdoba. I had shredded beef & veggies in a bowl. No more, no less.

Late into the evening, I was forced to take a shot of some kind of wonderful root beer liquor. One shot, which I followed with a lot of water.


In other news, B told me to come over & he surprised me with the super-cute, North Face boots I’ve been lusting after. ❤

Also, Aud & I hung out with our good friend, Erynn, who just finished a long stint with Mercy Corps. The girl is the most lovely, wonderful, smart, capable compassionate person I know. I wish I didn’t have to sleep & could hang out with her the rest of today. Stupid job.



To boot, I don’t think I’m going post my weight every day. It makes me nutty. I will still step on the scale, but it’s a real drag to post it every day. OK? OK.

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