Paleo Challenge, Day #7

Weigh-in: And last night’s dinner cost me as I knew it would– 172.8. Meh.


Had my first yoga class this morning, so I didn’t want to eat anything early– but I drank the shit out of hot cinnamon spice tea. I had a few cashews before heading out the door, but that’s it as far as breakfast was concerned.

Lunch: was ravenous around 2:30pm, so I had 2 pieces of bacon + 2 eggs & spinach (scrambled in bacon grease)+ sprinkling of sesame seeds. Delicious eggs, as usual.

Snack: noshed on some dried cherries & walnuts.

Loretta Salad from Lockhart's BBQ

Dinner: Went to Lockhart’s BBQ in downtown Royal Oak with B. I did split some “burnt ends” as an appetizer– it had a lot of BBQ sauce (Faileo!). My main course was a salad called “Loretta” with smoked chicken, lettuce, purple cabbage, some grated parmesan & a really light red wine & vinegar dressing.

After dinner, B & I hung out at Caribou to “read” (mainly, B showed me cool stuff on his iPad). I drank even more hot cinnamon spice-type tea. I think I am overcaffeinated.


Exercise: Didn’t run at all this weekend as I had hoped– but I did try a Hatha Flow yoga class. I predictably sucked at the poses & the breathing, but unexpectedly enjoyed myself anyway. Going to try a different yoga class tomorrow. Going to hunt for a local gym that isn’t too pricey. I need some treadmill action– I can wear my vibrams for some treadmilling & it will help me get some miles without freezing my ass off. If anyone has any local gym recs, let me know. I’m desperate!




Have some writing assignments this week. A guest blog piece & a letter to the Detroit Free Press on behalf of several people (my father being one) who work in the Grand Park Centre building in Detroit. Both will be good writing exercises, but the latter will be more like homework. The Grand Park Centre letter is of little interest to me, but I’m obliged to do it. I need the writing homework, in any case. Get me back into the swing of things.



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