Paleo Challenge, Day #6

Weigh-in: holding steady at 171.4, but I feel leaner…


Am drinking some (loose) Maharaja Chai (Oolong) tea from Teavana that Audrey (my roommate) gave me for Christmas. It tastes like perfume. I put a teaspoon of raw honey in it, but didn’t make it taste less like perfume.


Breakfast/Lunch: wasn’t hungry until well after noon… & then I was ravenous. Ate on the fly at some dive diner on 14 Mile/I-75. 2 eggs, some hashbrowns &, like, 4 pieces of bacon.

Dinner: B made reservations at Vicente’s (Cuban restaurant) downtown. We had tapas (one thing was a big deep-fried mashed-potato meat ball… I did not partake) & delicious paella. I drank two glasses of sangria– one red, one white. So good. Not my best paleo-styled meal– as I ate some rice & had a bit of B’s chocolate dessert. Not a lot of either, but taken with the sangrias & the potatoes for breakfast… eh.  Today was a little faileo.


We saw Brian Regan (who is hilarious) at The Fillmore where I had a shot of tequila and some jack & coke… so… yeah. I already have a headache. And my stomach hurts.


Tomorrow I am trying out a Hatha Flow Yoga class at Serendipity Yoga with my homeslice, Amber.

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