Paleo Challenge, Day #3

Weigh-in: 171.4! W00t!


Breakfast: on the fly, some trail mix (raw hazelnuts, cashews, almonds & raisins), some macadamia nuts, 1/2 banana.

[OT: Also, every day, I nurse Harney & Sons’ Hot Cinnamon Spice tea from 7am-around 1pm. It lasts THAT long in my travel coffee mug. I love that tea. It’s caffeinated, but there’s no need to add sweetener– the tea is potent enough all by itself. I quit coffee about a month ago, when I first tried this paleo-lifestyle business. Coffee just isn’t worth drinking without cream & sugar. I’ve had coffee 3 times since the beginning of December. I don’t miss it. When I do drink it, I want real cream & real f*@cking sugar.]

Lunch: Same as yesterday & day before, Traverse City Salad w/ grilled chicken from Rub BBQ. With the damn blue cheese. And it was just as delicious as ever.

Snack: pistachios. Not as many as yesterday, thank goodness.

Dinner: meat in a bowl. Picked up dinner from Qdoba for me & B. The guy didn’t even blink when I asked for a naked burrito… only no rice, beans, cheese or sour cream… just shredded beef & grilled vegetables.


Apropos of nothing:

Watched THE LAST SAMURAI with B. I liked it. One of maaaybe two movies with Tom Cruise that I actually enjoy. I just can’t think of the other…

Also, I’ve decided modern warfare is… cheating.




Got a massage from Greenleaf Bodywork in Ferndale. Amazing. I want one every day!

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